Tefal sees ecommerce success thanks to Criteo Sponsored Products’ precise shopper targeting technology.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Units sold


Tefal had three primary goals for their campaign:

  • Grow brand awareness via greater visibility to in-market shoppers
  • Convert shoppers who are close to purchase but haven’t committed
  • Drive sales via targeted, high-performing ad placements


Criteo Sponsored Products, which provides native ads on top retail sites and SKU-level attribution, offered Tefal the ability to achieve multiple goals in one single technology platform — the ability to target shoppers at all stages of the shopping purchase funnel:

  • Homepage ads for brand awareness and broad visibility
  • Browse page ads for undecided shoppers
  • Search and Product Detail Page ads for more targeted, intent shoppers

Criteo’s broad portfolio of retail websites operating with Sponsored Products meant that Tefal gained ad placement across multiple retailers that sold their wide range of products. The company’s ability to deliver the optimum ad to each shopper to maximize the chances of conversion was especially helpful for product ranges that include multiple SKU variants.


Tefal’s early wins led to an “always-on” strategy, to be sure to target consumers whenever and wherever they were shopping. Their campaigns also expanded to include their Linen Care, Cookware and Grills product portfolios.

Homepage ads drove significant impressions. Browse, Search and Product Detail Page (PDP) placements contributed to an overall Return on Ad Spend of more than 1,000%, with some products having an ROAS in excess of 4,000%. Further, Sponsored Products’ reporting allowed Tefal to see the brand halo sales increases on portfolio brands from investing in each product line, reinforcing their decision to support multiple product lines.

“Tefal saw phenomenal results with Criteo Sponsored Products, and they are now firmly an integral part of our media plans to drive ecommerce sales.  While paid search opportunities continue to evolve, Criteo stands out as being a game-changer.”

– James Bashford, Head of Digital Marketing UK, Tefal

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