Travel Republic (Criteo Shopper Graph)


Travel Republic wanted to understand how much value each of its channels and individual marketing strategies was delivering. The company had been using a linear attribution model where each digital channel was viewed as contributing equally to conversions. But as travel consumers increasingly use multiple devices on the path to booking, Travel Republic wanted to develop a more sophisticated model to better steer its digital marketing strategy.


Travel Republic evolved its attribution model, based on econometric insight, to evaluate how each channel contributed across all stages of the booking journey. They also leveraged the Criteo Shopper Graph service to add a cross-device perspective and maximize actionable insights from the new model. With accurate attribution and cross-device measurement in place, Travel Republic discovered that the typical booking journey was longer and more complex than previously thought, with 52% more touchpoints identified. They also discovered that mobile was playing a key role in the booking journey, with 42% more mobile touchpoints than previously measured. With this more complete picture of the booking journey, Travel Republic can better assess which campaigns have the greatest impact and adjust investments accordingly to maximize ROAS. For example, they saw that increasing their remarketing investment could significantly improve bookings and thus implemented a 64% budget increase.

How it works:

  • Attribution reflects user behavior: First, Travel Republic further enhanced its attribution model with insight from econometrics analysis. This gave the company a more holistic understanding of the impact of its campaigns on users and of how much each channel contributes to overall marketing performance. But the challenge of cross-device identification remained.
  • Cross-device user identification puts the traveler first: Built with the participation of 10,000+ websites that share anonymized email address and CRM data, Criteo’s identity graph service permits Travel Republic to anonymously recognize user profiles across devices and platforms and move from a device-centric model to a consumer-first approach.
  • Criteo data is shared to support all marketing programs: Unlike walled gardens, Criteo shares identity graph data free of charge so that Travel Republic can make better decisions on measurement, attribution, and campaign optimization across its wider marketer programs.
  • Data focused on active buyers: Criteo’s identity graph is built from active shoppers that annually spend over $550B. This ensures Travel Republic is focusing its resources on travel consumers who are most likely to convert.


Travel Republic discovered that their users’ booking journey is longer and more complex than previously thought. As a result of implementing Criteo’s identity graph service and a new attribution model, Travel Republic identified:

  • +52% additional touchpoints
  • +42% additional mobile touchpoints

“Criteo’s identity graph service has enabled us to gain a more accurate view of our customer’s shopping journey. We’ve been able to better assess the impact of our mobile campaigns and access new insights to inform our campaign optimization strategy and overall marketing program.”

– Wayne Williams, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Travel Republic


Additional touchpoints identified


Additional mobile touchpoints identified