Tugo.com.vn (also known as Tugo) is a Vietnam-based travel start-up. Started in 2015, Tugo specialises in organising tours to Asia-Pacific, Europe and US. To meet the growth in travel demand due to rising affluence amongst Vietnamese consumers, Tugo wanted a partner that could help them be the travel agent-of choice. Given the competitiveness of the travel market in Vietnam, especially for the online travel sector, Tugo found it imperative to ensure that they were offering seamless travel booking experiences to have a competitive edge over the rest.

For their re-engagement campaigns, Tugo wanted to drive repeat purchases from existing website customers. With 60 percent of Vietnamese consumers using mobile apps to shop more than three times a month, Tugo wanted to leverage this trend as well for their customers’ convenience. They wanted to achieve this by driving app downloads from existing website customers and increasing app usage among existing app users.


Tugo achieved a higher clickthrough and conversion rate by leveraging Criteo’s app and website retargeting solutions. With Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, Tugo was able to leverage machine- learning technology to analyse travellers’ online browsing patterns, their preferences and propensity to spend. This allowed Tugo to deliver the most relevant ads in real time in the travel booking journey, which was critical in driving up conversions and sales. Tugo was able to drive sales from travellers who have left the Tugo website without making a purchase, to head back to the site. This helped Tugo maximise their ad spend and develop relevant marketing campaigns, which were crucial in driving up conversion rates and sales.

How it works:

  • Highly personalized ads showed products that a shopper was most likely to be interested in, when they were most likely to buy.
  • Advanced bidding technology focused bids on those who were most likely to convert.
  • Ads seamlessly connected with every shopper across devices and apps through insights from our pooled data and the 1.2 billion shoppers we see each month.
  • Machine-learning technology worked continuously to improve the campaign’s performance.


  • 1.18% in clickthrough rate
  • 7.5x increase in year-on-year conversions (August 2018 vs August 2017)
  • 23% contribution to total sales

“Vietnam’s expenditure on outbound travel saw a 6.6% growth in 2017 and this is estimated to increase to 8.4% this year. This is being driven by rising affluence in Vietnamese consumers, especially the middle-class population due to the move to a more urbanised workforce. Criteo’s machine learning technology has enabled us to have a better understanding of our customers’ travel booking preferences and readiness to purchase. The technology is easy to implement with Criteo’s close guidance and quick turnaround in providing the required support. As we look at expanding our app capabilities, Criteo’s support will be crucial in delivering the best web and in-app travel booking experience countrywide as we strive to become the top-of-mind travel company for Vietnamese consumers.”

–Nguyen Duy Vi, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Tugo


in clickthrough rate


increase in year-on-year conversions (August 2018 vs August 2017)


contribution to total sales