How Wehkamp monetizes their website with seamless ad experiences

Dutch retailer Wehkamp offers their shoppers a wide range of quality products. They carry the latest fashion trends, home-goods, electronics and everything in between. Wehkamp continually looks for ways to not only engage shoppers on their site, but also create opportunities for their brand partners to clearly demonstrate their value.

Their main marketing focus is relevance — ensuring their shoppers are able to find what they need in the most efficient way. This puts shoppers in a purchasing frame of mind when they visit Wehkamp’s website.

When Wehkamp decided to add a new revenue stream beyond product sales, while maintaining a seamless and positive onsite shopping experience for their customers, they came to Criteo Retail Media.

Growing Wehkamp’s brand partnerships with Retail Media

Wehkamp partnered with Criteo to not only get the most out of their brand partnerships, but also deliver on them. To do this, they leveraged Criteo’s Sponsored Products, which are native ad placements that blend seamlessly into Wehkamp’s website to create a cohesive browsing and buying experience for shoppers.

Wehkamp’s Marketing and Media Services Lead, Bart Toorenaar, says “If you look at Sponsored Products… the fundamental added value for the brands is that they have clear-cut return on advertising spend on a daily basis.” This highlights how the native ad experience puts Wehkamp’s brands on the forefront of shoppers’ minds while they’re close to the point of purchase.

Toorenaar goes on to say, “We provide [brands] with media that you can say is more relevant than most other media outlets given that we provide the brands with people that are often interested in their products.”

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