As India’s leading online travel agency, Yatra boasts 30% of the local market share, but with their current retargeting strategies, they discovered that while their traffic was up, their conversion rates were not. By paying multiple Criteo competitors, they were overwhelming users — sometimes even turning them away — with ads that blanketed multiple sites like Google and Facebook. To make things worse, Yatra’s cost-per-acquisition (CPA) rate was sky-high. In choosing quantity over quality, they were spending way too much for far too little.


Using Criteo’s Dynamic Retargeting solution and 17,000-strong publisher network, Yatra could combine their ad inventories from Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other publishers, ensuring that potential customers would only see their ads when it made sense for them: based on their online browsing habits, locations, and prime travel seasons.


By investing in Criteo’s performance marketing suite — rather than a lot of different vendors — Yatra was able to:

  • Cut their CPA rate by more than half (54%)
  • Boost their flight bookings by 62%
  • Encourage customers to spend more on their services — 34% more, on average.

Increased domestic flight bookings


Decrease in cost per acquisition


Increased average order value