Broaden Your Reach from Social: 5 Tactics from Spaceback and Criteo

Five tactics from experts at Spaceback and Criteo to broaden your content's horizons, encompassing strategies for both social and paid.

Understanding how walled gardens and the open internet can work together is crucial for ensuring a holistic and balanced audience growth strategy. Walled gardens like social media platforms offer intimate audience targeting, while the open internet provides broader reach and diverse content opportunities. By integrating these channels, marketers can harness the strengths of both, optimizing their campaigns for reach, engagement, and data-driven insights. 

This guide presents five key tactics from experts at Spaceback and Criteo to effectively broaden your content’s horizons, encompassing strategies for both social media and paid advertising, including Connected TV (CTV). 

Tactic 1: Diversify your platform strategy 

To transcend walled gardens, start by diversifying your platform portfolio. While major social platforms are useful, combining efforts to reach audiences beyond walled gardens and advertising on other sites throughout the open internet is crucial. Broaden your audience reach and advertise where your audience spends most of their time. To diversify your strategy, advertise on multiple sites, including publisher and retailer websites. Expanding your presence across various platforms mitigates the impact of algorithm changes and broadens your audience base. 

Tactic 2: Turn your best social content into production-ready display and video ads

Social Display ads leverage your best social content by taking the URL from any social post and authentically recreating it for digital display or video advertising. This creative ad approach combats banner blindness and helps social-first brands get the most out of ads running outside of the walled gardens. With no additional production costs and the ability to quickly go live, Spaceback’s Social Display creatives are more effective than standard banners at increasing audience engagement.

Tactic 3: Embrace cross-promotion and paid advertising 

Leverage cross-promotion across your channels to introduce your audience to your presence with diverse content experiences. This organic approach encourages your existing followers to get to know your brand beyond walled gardens. Consider also investing in paid advertising across both traditional social media platforms and CTV. Paid social advertising allows you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors—while CTV advertising reaches viewers on streaming platforms and smart TVs, enhancing your content’s visibility. 

Tactic 4: Using AI and data to engage the right audiences 

Customer data and AI are the backbone of digital advertising today. Together, they provide marketers with valuable insights into consumer behaviors, preferences, and demographics, allowing them to create highly targeted and personalized campaigns that resonate with their audience. This data-driven approach not only maximizes advertising ROI but also enhances the overall shopper experience. 

Tactic 5: Driving efficiency for customers

Using Spaceback and Criteo’s integration, marketers can seamlessly leverage their current investments in Spaceback’s creative technology platform and Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform. They are guaranteed zero interruption to their daily business and can continue managing their everyday tasks without dedicating additional time or resources to data collection, management, and digital advertising. Joint clients benefit from combining social media creatives with Criteo audiences’ capabilities. 

Spaceback and Criteo have partnered to give opportunities to advertisers wanting to bring their social ad investment to the wider open internet. The result? Richer experiences for consumers by combining social media creatives with Criteo audiences’ capabilities. 

Learn more about Spaceback and Criteo’s Commerce Growth as well for how to expand your creative audience reach. Talk to a Criteo expert or contact for free production-ready demos. 

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