Criteo and Microsoft Secure an Exciting Partnership Through Native Display

It’s easy to understand why native advertising has been on the rise over the last few years. Native ads provide a more seamless way for advertisers to align with the look, feel, and function of the content around which they appear.

From a consumer perspective, these types of ads fight off fatigue from traditional banner ads, engaging the audience with a relevant and stimulating experience. Across sponsored articles to informative videos and more, native advertising combines both brand storytelling and performance marketing efficiency that advertisers are looking for. Here at Criteo, we recognize the importance of native, not only to our clients but to consumers as well.   

That’s why we’re happy to announce our direct supply partnership with Microsoft. This partnership brings Criteo’s high quality marketing budgets directly to Microsoft News ( via high-performing native formats.

Enhancing Our Global Reach to Open Up Opportunities 

Microsoft News is a unique platform that delivers high-quality news from the world’s most popular and trusted publishers and brands, across a variety of Microsoft’s web and mobile experiences as well as a growing number of syndication partners. Each day, over 170K unique pieces of news content in 35 languages are processed to deliver a personalized story feed to 64M users. This unique model has generated over $1B in revenue for publishing partners since 2014 in alignment with Microsoft’s belief in the importance of independent journalism.

Criteo is thrilled to deepen our partnership with Microsoft. Their extensive, premium network and global reach provides our clients with the confidence that their native campaigns will reach consumers and drive conversions. We’re excited for the many opportunities and future initiatives this relationship will bring to our eco-system. ” 

— Len Ostroff, EVP, Global Supply, Criteo 

Native Ads Inspire More Engagement—and Better Results

Our native solution provides advertisers with the ability to match the look and feel of the page with their ad creative while tailoring the experience of the user to the website they’re viewing.

Consumers look at native formats 53% more often than display formats and drive a 4x higher click-through rate than display on average. This results in an 18% higher purchase intent at a lower cost per click than traditional formats. By integrating directly into Microsoft News’ native auction, the Criteo platform has more control, transparency, and insight into the supply and performance for our integrated advertisers, while delivering a seamless experience to the consumer

We are excited about Criteo’s direct integration into Microsoft’s native ecosystem and auction given their successful history in retail media and dynamic retargeting. Together we’ll enable advertisers and marketers to leverage the unique value of the Microsoft audience to achieve their brand, acquisition, and ROI goals.” 

 — Kya Sainsbury-Carter, VP, Global Partner Sales, Microsoft 

Moving forward, we’re excited to partner more closely and focus on key elements of digital monetization as the industry continues to evolve through 2021 and beyond. Learn more about our solutions for publishers with Commerce Grid.

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