Customize, Integrate, and Automate: Power Your Advertising with the New Criteo API Platform

We’ve developed the Criteo API platform so you can take your advertising further and build what you need to grow your business.
Updated on February 11, 2021

The advertising ecosystem has become increasingly complex, driving marketers to find new and hyper-relevant ways to reach and build relationships with their consumers.

As marketers need more efficiency, automation, and control to build best-in-class solutions for their marketing stack, many are turning to modular and interoperable solutions powered by APIs.
APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, allow multiple applications to interact with and retrieve data from one another.

If you’ve ever used PayPal to checkout on an ecommerce store or logged into a site using your Facebook or Google account, those actions were powered by APIs. Behind the scenes, the internet today runs on API integrations and interconnections.

APIs streamline manual efforts and allow websites and platforms to connect and operate much more seamlessly.

How APIs are powering marketing

For marketers, APIs can automate and help you scale your advertising efforts. Instead of manually activating and managing your campaigns, you could do so through an API call.

APIs can also give you a deeper level of control and customization. The detailed controls and customization available in APIs can help personalize your advertising to more closely align with your unique business needs.

It’s likely you have several tools in your marketing stack, all with their own data and signals. API integrations between your advertising partners will allow you to better understand and adapt your marketing efforts.

APIs are a powerful way to ensure you build solutions that stay ahead. That’s why we’ve launched our Criteo API Platform, paving the way for brands, retailers, agencies, and partners to programmatically build on the world’s largest advertising network.

Introducing the Criteo API platform

We’ve developed the Criteo API platform so you can take your advertising further and build what you need to grow your business.

The Criteo API platform is a one-stop shop for developers to connect, build, and launch integrations leveraging Criteo’s technology. The API platform provides access to both the Criteo Marketing Solutions API and Criteo Retail Media API, enabling developers to architect customized solutions to stay ahead of the next wave in advertising.

The Criteo Marketing Solutions API provides a richer set of controls and access to your campaigns. The API’s campaign piloting, management, and reporting endpoints allow developers to better tailor campaigns.

This follows the launch of Criteo’s Retail Media API, the technology platform for the world’s top retailers and brands. Leading technology platforms in the space, such as Kenshoo and Pacvue, have already integrated with the Retail Media API to connect to the Retail Media Platform and enable brands to optimize retail media campaigns across an open ecosystem of multiple retailers.

The Criteo API platform helps developers unlock even more value for marketers in a rapidly changing landscape. Let’s look at a few of the ways.

Campaign piloting

Create, manage, and report on your campaigns programmatically.

Our API can help by eliminating some of the most tiresome tasks from your day. Do you need to change your bids at a specific time of day? Pull a customized report that looks at a very specific set of metrics

Instead of making continuous adjustments and optimizations across your campaigns, you can use the API to streamline your campaign management and reporting.

For reporting, the Criteo Marketing Solutions API features 100+ metrics, including app and store campaigns, so you can build custom reports or connect with your own platforms.

Even more efficient advertising

Automate manual functions so you can free up resources and scale your advertising.

As your business needs evolve, ensure that your campaigns do too. Whether you’re expanding into new markets or running campaigns at scale, you need a way to easily share specifications across campaigns and automate your campaign set-up and management.

For advertisers or agencies managing large or complex campaigns, APIs can help you scale your set-up and management.

Bespoke solutions

Use the API to personalize your advertising by sharing signals in and out of Criteo.

To drive results, your ads need to be as relevant as possible. The Criteo API allows developers to draw on Criteo’s best-of-breed products to layer on solutions, such as those needed for reporting, measurement, or connecting to first-party audience data.

For marketers, this means you can connect your Criteo campaigns and reports to your other marketing tools such as CDPs and DMPs, or your reporting platforms. This can help you incorporate up-to-date audience lists, or leverage your marketing data in one place, and act on that data quickly.

You can give access to partner apps in two clicks and change this access at any time.

More access and control for full-funnel marketing

We’re committed to helping you drive impact across the entire marketing funnel. By providing unbundled access to Criteo’s technology and supporting partner developers, the Criteo API delivers enhanced transparency to meet your needs.

As the advertising ecosystem evolves, the flexibility of a pure API-based system can give you greater access and control in your campaigns and enable you to seamlessly integrate with other partners in your tech stack.

To get started, check out our developer portal and follow along with our latest releases.

Gabriele Dane

Gabriele is a product marketing manager focused on celebrating Criteo’s customers and their successes. Her work has been featured in Nieman Lab, Quartz, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Money, and Mashable. She enjoys geeking out over digital trends, data science, and well-placed Oxford commas.

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