Criteo Data Shows Holiday Ecommerce Off to A Big Start: +17.7% in the US

Updated on April 26, 2018

Criteo’s analysis of shopping data from some of the world’s largest retailers indicates that in the US, shoppers are increasingly turning online for their holiday gifting. From November 1 – November 18 (the Saturday before Black Friday) in the US:

  • +7.9% year over year increase in Shoppers
  • +17.7% increase in the number of Purchasers
  • Purchasing for the holidays is occurring earlier and earlier each year
  • $170 highest daily cart size
  • $146 average cart size

The data comes from Criteo’s Sponsored Products retail network, which in the US includes: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Wayfair, Kohl’s and Macy’s.  The numbers Criteo is seeing are in line with holiday spending projections from sources like eMarketer, which estimated that holiday ecommerce spending will increase 16.7% this year over last.

November Breakout Gifts: Gotta Get a Non-Fake Fingerling and 12 Days of Socks

Criteo assesses retail site search term data throughout the year to determine breakout products.  A flatulent robotic monkey called a Fingerling first appeared on the top 1000 terms list in August at #385.

By November, the fingerling was the top searched toy, branded term and overall term. It was searched for more than Christmas trees and televisions. The products spawned an entire marketplace on Amazon centered on fake monkeys.

Hot gifts rising in interest on the list in November include:

  • 12 Days of Socks: a smartly packaged way to deliver a gift everyone can use that comes in men’s, women’s, kids, Disney princesses and even Star Wars and Harry Potter editions.
  • Christmas Pajamas for the whole family: the term is now #8 on the most searched product list and has risen 122 places in less than a month.
  • Our Generation vs Barbie: Our Generation, a more affordable American Girl type doll with a backstory, has been a top searched toy throughout Q3 and has risen 5 places in the last month. But Barbie is rocketing up the list rising 29 places in one month. Her boyfriend, Ken, has been buffed up and is now called Ken Fashionista. Some models even sport man buns. Barbie is as glam as ever, but you can get her in varying body types and with your choice of careers that are not in the fashion industry.

Happy Black Friday and stay tuned for Criteo’s updates throughout the weekend. The NRF projects that 164.6 million shoppers will make a purchase either in a store or online. We can’t wait. Read more of Criteo’s Holiday First Look report below!

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