Ecommerce Is Booming in Asia Pacific – Reach the Right Audience with Intent Data

Half of the world’s consumers say they are shopping online more in the last few months, especially countries in Asia Pacific, with Vietnam at 76%, India at 52%, and Australia at 50%, and intend to continue doing so, according to a recent global survey by Criteo of over 15,000 respondents.

That means COVID-19 has caused real behavior changes in 2020, and you can increasingly find your customers shopping on the open internet. The question is: Are you reaching the right audience with the right message at precisely the right moment?

In a recent APAC webinar, we shared the findings of our research about shopper behavior in 2020 and highlighted new behaviors resulting from COVID-19 in three markets: Australia, India, and Taiwan.

New Consumer Behaviors and Complex Customer Journeys

Our study also shows that many shoppers discovered at least one form of ecommerce during peak COVID that they will continue using:

  • Australia: Over one third (38%) of shoppers
  • India: More than half (55%) of shoppers
  • Taiwan: Over two-thirds (68%) of shoppers

This growth presents big implications for how people discover new businesses and products – and for your audience targeting campaigns and the technology available to help you reach the right audiences.

Access our on demand webinar here to learn what high-quality intent data looks like and how to use it to connect with your ideal customers.

Customer journeys can be hard to predict. If a customer already knows what they want, they are most likely to look for it on a brand or retailer website. If they don’t have a specific product or brand in mind, they’ll often start with a search engine.

For marketers, complicated customer journeys mean complicated budgets. This results in budgets being spread out across various channels, from online to social to traditional, with marketers trying to spend where they think their audiences are.

Advertisers stake their success on reaching the right audience, yet the gap between vision and reality continues to exist: 80% of marketers have invested in audience targeting techniques over the past 12 months to improve campaign effectiveness, but only 34% believe they are able to deliver their message to the right audience.

Traditional audience targeting options typically rely on socio-demographics, broad interest groups, keywords, or historical behaviors to build audiences. But these signals don’t show true purchase intent and often lead to wasted impressions and inefficient or irrelevant ads.

We need to think of ads as the first touchpoint where a potential customer interacts with your brand, so it should be relevant, timely, and engaging.

Demographic data is only one piece of the puzzle. Before ads are shown to customers, the ad should be informed by data across the full customer journey: ad clicks, websites and products viewed and purchased, what was added to the basket, and more.

All of these things comprise “intent data.”

The Power of Intent Data

When you understand not only who a customer is but what their intent is, you can build more effective ad campaigns by reaching more targeted audiences, delivering the right ad at the right moment, and driving more high-quality traffic.

These are just a few of the data points and insights from the webinar. Tune in to the on-demand version for a deeper dive into the findings of our research on changing shopping behaviors in the three markets highlighted, in addition to case study sharing and a lively Q&A session.

With access to insights on over $800 billion in ecommerce sales across 4.5 billion products and 2 billion monthly active shoppers, Criteo doesn’t just target audiences based on searches or likes – we target based on purchases and customer journeys. From there, we build audiences based on transactions, what they look like in relation to your previous audiences, or match your customer lists across our data set.

As we enter a busy shopping and festive sales season, learn what high-quality intent data looks like and how to use it to find your ideal customers, deliver a great experience, and bring them to your website.

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