How An Iconic Golf Brand Increased Website Purchase Completions by 1000%

Here's how Greg Norman Collection brought their eCommerce website in-house and focused on turning it into a legitimate sales driver.
Updated on September 29, 2020

Greg Norman Collection is an iconic golf apparel brand that has been in business for 30 years. Inspired by professional golfer Greg Norman, nicknamed “The Shark”, it’s a brand known for bringing state-of-the-art fabric innovations to golf wear.

“Greg Norman Collection was one of the first companies to introduce technical fabrics to the game of golf. We’re really a cutting-edge company that has taken golf wear to the next level,” says Brendan Tracy, Director of E-Commerce and Marketing.

For much of its 30 years, Greg Norman Collection has operated as a wholesale company that sells to golf shops and other retailers in 50 countries around the world. In 2011, the business set up a small eCommerce presence that was managed by a third party, but didn’t view it as a major sales channel.

“We’ve always had a beautiful website, but it was never a key driver of revenue,” says Tracy.

That changed in 2016, when they brought their eCommerce website in-house and focused on turning it into a legitimate sales driver.

The Direct-to-Consumer Journey

The main challenge for the Greg Norman Collection was to stand out from the noise and drive sales through the brand’s website. To address this head-on, the team sought out partners that could help increase site traffic with targeted, qualified shopper.

That included switching retargeting partners. Greg Norman Collection had been using another solution, but the campaign was suffering from inaccurate reporting and a lack of transparency.

When the team switched to Criteo, there was an immediate improvement in qualified web visits, sales, and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

“Since switching to Criteo our retargeting campaigns just continue to get better and better,” Tracy explains. “The responsiveness and support of the Criteo team have been huge to our success.”

Criteo’s flexible ad creative options allow Greg Norman Collection to show personalized product recommendations with brand imagery that both look great and perform great.

With Criteo’s award-winning AI Engine, the team was able to set targets across channels and devices while analyzing 100+ intent signals to understand precisely when someone is most likely to make a purchase. And a transparent CPC pricing model helped Greg Norman Collection tie performance to results.

“Our customers value the personal touch that they receive here at Greg Norman Collection. I think that keeps customers coming back,” Tracy says.

And come back they did.

Greg Norman Collection saw a 1,000+% uplift in purchase completion for users who generated a cart event and later engaged a Criteo ad. The campaign also delivered a 3:1 ROAS.

For more details and results, read the full Greg Norman Collection case study.

Gabriele Dane

Gabriele is a product marketing manager focused on celebrating Criteo’s customers and their successes. Her work has been featured in Nieman Lab, Quartz, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Money, and Mashable. She enjoys geeking out over digital trends, data science, and well-placed Oxford commas.

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