SES-imagotag and Criteo build strategic partnership to unlock cutting-edge retail media opportunity

Criteo is excited to announce our latest innovation project in partnership with SES-imagotag’s latest solution, Engage.

The rise of retail media introduces immense potential for advertisers to better understand their audiences and engage them in a buying mindset. However, being the fastest-growing advertising segment comes with industry challenges. Disparate systems, fragmented processes, and inconsistent reporting methodologies are all symptomatic of so many retailers launching retail media businesses in a short span of time.  

At Criteo, we are committed to enabling advertisers to find retail media inventory—whether it be onsite, offsite, or in-store—all in one place. Already, advertisers using our retail DSP, Commerce Max, can reach audiences across more than 220 retailers globally. Additionally, in September we announced a major milestone for retailers with the inception of Commerce Yield, offering onsite tools alongside marketplace and in-store monetization technologies designed to help them tap into new demand. 

Building on this, we’re now excited to share our latest innovation project through a new partnership with SES-imagotag’s latest solution, Engage. Engage is an AI-powered digital screen technology that delivers personalized, interactive, and immersive experiences to shoppers, connecting retailers and brands in physical stores. It can be deployed in a variety of configurations, from single screens to large video walls, to suit any retail environment. 

Get to know the partnership  

Criteo and SES-imagotag’s Engage are bringing new in-store advertising capabilities to retailers, transforming the physical store into a digital asset and enabling enhanced omnichannel retail media capabilities for brands. Through this partnership, retailers will have the unique ability to deliver retail media campaigns in-store, which will help unlock enhanced measurement and targeting capabilities across online and offline environments for retailers. 

Criteo’s in-store and omnichannel platform (powered by Brandcrush), integrates natively with the Engage CMS to create a seamless brand booking flow for all monetizable assets. The integration supports inbound and outbound sales flows. Together, our technologies transfer booking data, creative assets, creative preferences, and all other relevant data points required for seamless content delivery and activation execution. 

The integration will enable proof of play and impression data to measure both brand compliance and performance.  

Unlock the retail media power of Criteo and SES-imagotag today 

For more information about the partnership and details on how to get started, talk to an expert. 

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