Top 10 Reasons Why We’re Excited About CES

CES is like an annual field trip where we see cool stuff and geek out with people who love tech as much as we do. Come along for the ride!
Updated on May 21, 2018

10: It’s Like Disneyland For Techies 

We loved Tomorrowland at Disneyland and this is like an annual field trip where we get to see cool stuff and geek out with people who love tech as much as we do. Come along for the ride with us!

9: Data Is The Hot Topic

While it’s not a cool physical thing we can touch like those $400,000 Ferraris, data is one if the big themes of the conference. As one of the world’s most advanced data companies using machine learning to deliver personalized marketing solutions, we’re obviously excited about it! We’re even going early to get a great seat at the keynote with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

8. Move Over, Alexa! Google’s Home

Last year was Alexa’s coming-out party and with P &G now announcing that they’ve cut a deal for sponsored listings on voice, we are dying to get the deets. Criteo Sponsored Product are paid search on a network of the world’s biggest retailers. And we now know from our data that Alexa is not the only girl in town. 

The Google Home Mini was one of the breakout gifts of Holiday 2017 and with our client Walmart now the default ecommerce fulfillment provider for Google Voice, we’re excited to see how this will play out. We just wish the Google lady had a name. What’s up with that Google? Learn from Amazon. We want to relate to our personal assistant.

7. Sexy Smart Appliances

One of our lead reporters is a mom and a home appliances junkie. She still remembers the excitement she felt when she saw the LG fridge that used lasers to scan and provide alerts to replenish the milk. She has teenagers and knows how home technology changes the lives of parents, especially women who work full-time and are the primary household shoppers.

There’s an entire hall of things like sexy, smart appliances that make life easier: washer and dryers that use almost no water or electricity, smart fridges, and cooktops that look like granite counters but if you put certain pans on them, they become blazing hot.

6. There Will Be a VR Content Breakthrough

We’re hoping for a VR content breakthrough, rather than the usual guys in their isolated realms of virtual reality shooting things. We recently made a pilgrimage to see artist Laurie Anderson’s VR installation Chalk Rooms at Mass Moca and finally get how amazing this will be for immersive narrative. We know we’ll see art, but also how VR applies to retail, which right in Criteo’s backyard.

5. The Very Latest on What’s Next for Apparel Retailing

We’re looking forward to seeing our own John Roswech, EVP of Criteo Brand Solutions, having a fireside chat with Milton Pappas, CMO of Canadian retail giant Hudson’s Bay. We’ll get the very latest on apparel retailing, why Saks Fifth Avenue is becoming an experience center, and why the iconic Lord & Taylor 5th Avenue space is rightsizing as well as taking Walmart ecommerce returns nationally.

4. Magic Mirrors and IRL (In Real Life) Beauty Retailing

We think the Rebecca Minkoff and Charlotte Tillbury magic mirrors are cool but we know there is new in-store tech that makes trying on easier. We hear that eBay is going to be making some big announcements on their IRL ambitions (In Real Life).

3. Apple’s Absence and What’s Next For Cell Phones? 

We are baffled by what possible innovations could be coming out for cell phones. Apple confused the market this Christmas and with the debacle over battery slow downs, their annual decision to sit out of CES may not be a good thing.

2. A Diverse and Inclusive CES

CES is getting serious about diversity and inclusiveness. From the fully-programmed and just plain fun Girls’ Lounge, to the CES Diversity Awards on Wednesday night , we are proud to be participating in a more inclusive CES. Did we mention our COO is an ad tech industry pioneer and a mom of two teenage boys? Go Mollie Spilman! You make it look effortless.

1. Viva Las Vegas! 

Did we mention it’s 4 degrees in New York? Which makes Las Vegas all the more appealing. No amount of hot coffee or free snacks make us want to go to the office this week.

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