A Retail Media Moment with 360i’s Mike Feldman

In this video, Mike Feldman, Group Director from agency 360i, discusses why clients are turning to Retail Media.

While Retail Media, or branded ads on retailer and ecommerce marketplace sites, has been gaining momentum for years, it’s now reached a critical point for players across the ecosystem.

With Retail Media, retailers diversify their revenue streams by offering premium advertising inventory to their brand partners, while those brands receive more product visibility on ecommerce sites that replicates what they can do in a physical store.

This collaboration provides a streamlined shopping experience for consumers that builds loyalty for both parties. These are only a few of the reasons why Retail Media is a win-win-win medium for consumers, retailers, and brands alike.

In the first edition of our “Retail Media Moment” video series below, Mike Feldman, Group Director of integrated creative and media agency 360i, discusses why his clients are turning to Retail Media to capture new margins and enhance the omnichannel experience for shoppers. Watch Mike’s full interview below.

Stay tuned for more videos in the coming weeks, featuring ecommerce experts and marketing leaders from across the retail ecosystem. We’ll cover topics such as building relationships between brands and retailers, advertising across the shopper journey, and much more.

We’re helping brands and retailers enhance their Retail Media strategies now through our new dedicated platform. For more information about our platform and how it can benefit your business goals, read on here.

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