[Video] A Retail Media Moment with Catalyst’s Meghan Lavin

Meghan Lavin, Director of Marketing at Catalyst, shares the latest on what she's hearing about Retail Media from brands and advertisers.

Consumer behavior is fueling a shift to ecommerce that’s encouraging brands who don’t typically leverage Retail Media to unlock those opportunities to reach people when they’re in the browsing and purchasing mindset.

In the new episode of our Retail Media Moment video series, Meghan Lavin, Director of Marketing at digital marketing agency, Catalyst, shares the latest on what she and her team are hearing from brands and advertisers.

For Catalyst, a main focus is helping brands navigate online grocery and last mile delivery through Retail Media. This includes brands who are newer to ecommerce, such as those with perishable food products. They even conducted a survey on ecommerce trends, that cites 64% of survey respondents stating they plan to use Instacart more in the future.

On top of her vast knowledge of ecommerce and Retail Media, Meghan is also an expert on recipes that don’t require a conventional kitchen or stove — but you’ll have to watch the video to find out why!

Meghan and the Catalyst team are committed to helping advertisers create the optimal consumer journey for their customers, and are even offering a new research report, The State of Ecommerce 2021, that shares consumer trends and advertising strategies to match them.

What question does Meghan have for Retail Media players? “How do we sustain this growth and momentum we’re experiencing right now?”

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