A Retail Media Moment with Tinuiti Digital’s Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth Marsten, Senior Director of Marketplace Strategic Services at Tinuiti Digital explains why Retail Media is gaining popularity.
Updated on December 9, 2021

When seamless online shopping experience converges with actionable data, that’s when you see the rise of Retail Media.

In the latest installment of our Retail Media Moment video series, Elizabeth Marsten, Senior Director of Marketplace Strategic Services at award-winning marketing agency, Tinuiti Digital, explains the reasons why Retail Media is gaining popularity with clients.

One notable reason why Retail Media is on the rise is the multitude of first-party data available to retailers, which brands can leverage through the retailers’ media networks. This data will become all the more important as the industry counts down to the planned end of third-party cookies on Chrome in 2022. Watch the full episode below for more insights from Elizabeth!

With so many retailers out there presenting their offerings, what Elizabeth wants to know from other Retail Media players is how they are choosing their retailers and scaling their strategies.

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