[Video] A Retail Media Moment with Wavemaker’s Mudit Jaju

Wavemaker's Global Head of Ecommerce, Mudit Jaju, shares his perspective on retail media around the world, and how brands are integtrating it with other channels.
Updated on May 11, 2022

As the Global Head of eCommerce at media agency Wavemaker, Mudit Jaju has witnessed the evolution of the digital shelf and the rise of Retail Media firsthand. In the newest episode of our Retail Media Moment video series, Mudit shares his perspective on the regional differences in Retail Media’s growth, and more.

Mudit points out that it’s not necessarily a difference in adoption but, rather, the rate of acceleration of Retail Media that varies around the world. The main issue is one of supply, with retailers in Europe and elsewhere still ramping up compared to the US. When it comes to demand, global brands are well aware of the benefits of Retail Media and are asking for it across APAC, Europe, and the US.

Since consumers see their shopping experience as one, unified journey across channels, smart brands are starting to connect their Retail Media ads to other channels like TV. Watch the video for more on how Wavemaker is helping its clients tap into the influence of TV on retail search.

Mudit says that the value of Retail Media is underpinned by effective measurement and attribution. When asked what his question for the industry is, he said “How do we make sure that Retail Media is accounted for and measured in the way that reflects the really important role that it could play?”

Looking for more Retail Media insights from industry experts? Watch our last episode, featuring James Hanscomb, Head of eCommerce at GroupM.

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