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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile App [Instead Of A Responsive Site]

Criteo's Q4 2015 Mobile Commerce Report was cited in an article by Ian Naylor, founder & CEO of AppInstitute

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Device-centric Analytics Might Be Giving You Inaccurate Conversion Rates

Criteo's State of Cross Device Report proves that the consumer path to purchase is more fractured than ever before – but it could also mean that retailers are only seeing a partial or distorted view of it.

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3 Biggest Mistakes Retailers Make with Apps

Amanda Wilson, VP of Global Marketing at MobileBridge, mentioned Criteo's in her byline for Customer Think.

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Mobile is key online purchase channel not just for browsing says new study that claims retailers not measuring properly

Everything you know is wrong – and the adage of ‘browse on smartphone buy on desktop’ is dead. So says a new report that suggests retailers are not measuring conversion rates across devices properly and could well be undercounting conversion rates by as much as 40% on all customer journeys and that they might be misattributing up to 31% of transactions.

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Marketers Misattribute 1 In 3 Online Transactions Without Cross-Device Measurement

CDC: Traditional analytics tools that look at activities on a device-by-device basis provide an incomplete view of customers’ multi-device journey.

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Study: Brands Must Track Across Devices

"Businesses which are not tracking consumers across devices are missing – or mis-attributing – at least one-third of transactions. That's one key finding from Criteo's new State of Cross-Device Commerce report."

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Study Cites 40% Of Conversion Rates Miscounted With Antiquated Attribution

“As this report shows, it is highly informative for marketers to understand the full view of their customer's journey via cross-device measurement," said Miriam Newton, VP of product marketing at Criteo.

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Retail ‘Ad Waste’ Costs Conversions

"Digital marketers are the smartest kids in the room. Unless those ecommerce retailers are misattributing 31 percent of their transactions — which means they may be spending money in the wrong places."

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Criteo Pushes Toward New Video, Prospecting And CRM Products

CEO Eric Eichmann characterizes Criteo's performance as a record quarter with record revenue growth per existing clients and from mobile.

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Criteo Rapidly Shifts its Business to Mobile Ads

Criteo's Q4 and fiscal year 2016 earnings announcement with mention of the acquisition of Hooklogic, and the increase in revenue with mobile ads.

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