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SHOPPING CART ABANDONMENT: Merchants Now Leave $4.6 Trillion on the Table, and Mobile is Making the Problem Worse

Business Insider cites Criteo's H1 Mobile Commerce Report data and explains that although mobile represented 46% of global ecommerce traffic in Q2 2016, conversion rates are still low.

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Marketers Struggle With Cross-Device Identification

MediaPost uses data from Criteo's H1 2016 Mobile Commerce Report to highlight the current state of cross-device marketing and its growing prominence in 2016 and beyond.

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Criteo Completes Acquisition Of HookLogic

Criteo announced it has completed its deal to acquire HookLogic, whose platform is used by customers to reach in-market shoppers, drive traffic to products and attribute resulting sales.

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Targeting on Publishers’ Websites May Be Due for a ‘Natural Correction’

Advertising Age features an article about data driven targeting, which highlights CEO Eric Eichmann's thoughts about header bidding.

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Office Envy: Inside Criteo’s Boston Office, Complete with Slide & Fireplaces [Video]

BostInno provides an inside look at the Criteo Boston office, the central headquarters for the North America mid-market operations.

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Mobile Ads Account for 57% of Criteo’s Revenue in Q3

Criteo posted a seven percentage point increase in mobile ads compared with the previous quarter.

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Criteo Eyes Direct Hooks Into Publishers’ Header Bidding Containers

“We’ve started to deploy a direct bidder where we’re able to access more inventory in the publisher wrapper,” said Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann, in an interview with AdExchanger before the company’s Q3 earnings call on Wednesday.

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Criteo is Soaring

Criteo surpassed analysts' estimates in its third quarter — and the France-based ad tech company has visions on new revenue streams that could well see it exceed expectations again over the next fiscal year.

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Criteo launches Predictive Search to automate Google Shopping campaign optimizations

Criteo Predictive Search is designed to automate the entire optimization process for Google Shopping campaigns without increasing the retailer’s cost per order. It uses machine learning to identify opportunities for better matching and bidding opportunities down to the product level. Every aspect of the campaign from structure to remarketing to bids is modified automatically through the system.

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Criteo Finally Introduces Predictive Search Platform For Google Shopping

MediaPost highlights the launch of Criteo Predictive Search, which leverages Criteo's core machine learning technology to help support Google Shopping campaigns.