Criteo’s Litigation Against Steelhouse

New York – 26 July 2016 – On June 13th, Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), filed a complaint for damages and injunctive relief against Steelhouse in the Central District of California, followed on July 1st, by a motion for preliminary injunction. In its complaint, Criteo alleges that Steelhouse perpetrated a counterfeit click fraud scheme in its business operations, and false and misleading advertising related to such conduct. Steelhouse filed its response to Criteo’s complaint on July 25th. Steelhouse’s response, along with its alleged counterclaims, are utterly baseless and nothing more than an attempt by Steelhouse to deflect attention away from its own misconduct. Criteo will continue to vigorously prosecute its claims against Steelhouse.

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