Criteo Announces Global Audience Partner Program

NEW YORK – June 5, 2019Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the advertising platform for the open Internet, announced today the launch of its Global Audience Partner Program, featuring new audience partnerships with Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and other customer segmentation solutions. These new partners enable brands and retailers to re-engage their existing or lapsed customers with advanced audience segmentation using Criteo’s world class capabilities to deliver real-time, personalized dynamic ads.

Advertisers that have invested in audience segmentation solutions can now leverage Criteo’s unique combination of scale, performance, transparency and market-leading match rates to more effectively and efficiently reach shoppers across the open web, mobile browsers and apps. Criteo Audience Match enables the onboarding of hashed emails, mobile IDs and cookies, regularly achieving match rates of 60%+ through its deterministic Shopper Graph.

“We are thrilled to partner with Criteo and integrate Custora’s advanced audience segmentation and personalization capabilities,” said Tim Bryan, CRO at Custora – a customer intelligence platform. “More and more, we are seeing leading retailers adopt the understanding that not all shoppers are equal. They are taking a smarter approach to campaign optimization and targeting according to predicted Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Additionally, by understanding shoppers’ affinities towards different promotions and products, they are able to add a layer of personalization that makes each touch-point in the buyer’s journey more meaningful. The results that retailers are experiencing when combining Custora and Criteo are truly remarkable.”

By leveraging Custora and Criteo, women’s clothing retailer, Venus, achieved a 75% audience match rate and an 8 times ROAS across their highest value customers. “By coupling Custora’s predictive analytics capabilities around CLV with Criteo’s identity onboarding, decisioning and personalization capabilities, we were able to see a huge jump in revenue from this channel,” said Nick Obukhov, Digital Marketing Manager at Venus.  “After validating the effectiveness of predictive segmentation in our retargeting approach, we scaled up our investment with Criteo.”

“These new partnerships expand upon Criteo’s leadership in activating audience segments,” said Len Ostroff, SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at Criteo. “Criteo’s globally scaled Shopper Graph enables its clients to specifically target their consumers with greater transparency than the walled gardens using best-in-class bidding and access to supply.”

The Global Audience Partner Program includes many of the leading audience solutions, including: Arm® Treasure Data™, Bluecore, Blueshift, Commanders Act, Custora, Eulerian Technologies, Lexer, Lytics, mParticle, Neustar, Optimove, Oracle Data Cloud, Signal, Simon Data, Tealium and other global CDPs and DMPs.

Through Criteo’s Audience Match, clients can engage in the full spectrum of audience tactics, including:

  • Re-engaging high lifetime value shoppers
  • Finding offline customers online
  • Targeting lapsed customers
  • Upselling and cross-selling product promotions
  • Reaching seasonal buyers
  • Excluding current app users for app install campaigns
  • Driving highly-engaged shoppers to install apps
  • Driving loyalty program sign-ups
  • Reaching in-store-only shoppers with special promotional codes

Criteo offers significant flexibility and control over audience onboarding supporting integrations via a self-serve interface for visualizing match rates instantly or through an easy-to-use API for automated creation and audience synchronization.

For more information on how to enable Criteo Audience Match, please email