Beymen is a premium online fashion retailer in Turkey. They needed a solution for getting the right high-value consumers to install and frequently shop with their app. With the right one, they were confident they could drive higher retention rates and customer lifetime value.


Beymen kept their app users engaged with Criteo app conversion campaigns. These campaigns served dynamic, personalized ads within other apps Beymen shoppers used. Consumer-level behavioral data determined which products to show in the ads, based on previous browsing sessions in the app. The ads worked so well in getting customers to revisit the app and keep shopping, Beymen expanded its use of Criteo to drive app installs, too.

Beymen worked with Criteo’s insights team to first establish a data-driven strategy for driving app installs. They figured out that the highest-value app shoppers usually made two to three purchases on the web before downloading and using the app. This, they determined, was the key customer segment to focus on. Beymen served ads promoting the app to these shoppers with the data-backed confidence that this customer segment was primed to convert.

Criteo’s AI engine made reaching brand new audience segments viable with an app install campaign, too. It identified individual shopping patterns, product interests, and app usage to predict which new users were most likely to download and use the app.

How it works:

  • Highly personalized ads that deliver real-time relevance based on the entire cross-device purchase journey showed the most engaging offer.
  • Ads linked shoppers directly to the item within the app that they showed an interest in.
  • Personalized product recommendations based on individual shopping patterns enticed users.
  • Dynamic ads that perfectly balance brand-inspired design and uncompromising ad performance across all mobile ad sizes maximized engagement.
  • A network of premium mobile app publishers maximized reach.


  • 2x customer LTV than the average of all paid install channels
  • 10% greater customer LTV than the next best channel

“Criteo is a strategic in-app partner. We’ve run app conversions campaigns with Criteo for a number of years to keep high-value app users engaged and converting in-app. Now we can drive app installs with Criteo and rely on the same high quality, too. Criteo is the app partner that drives the highest customer lifetime value across campaigns.”

–Selim Tekay, Digital Marketing Manager


Customer LTV than the average of all paid install channels


Greater customer LTV than the next best channel