Discount travel is a highly competitive industry, and even leading OTAs must continually innovate to capture mindshare and travel dollars. CheapOair has used innovation to its advantage, partnering with Criteo as an eager adopter of new technologies that keep it ahead of the changing needs and habits of travel consumers.


The company has invested heavily in an award-winning app to take advantage of the soaring popularity of mobile and in-app booking. CheapOair turned to Criteo App Retargeting to maximize its app engagement and conversion rates and now relies on Criteo to deliver highly personalized, dynamic in-app ads to bring back users for booking.

Just two months after adopting Criteo App Retargeting, CheapOair saw tremendous increases in bookings and total order value. YOY, the company has seen an increase in clicks of 64%, an increase in app bookings of 37%, and growth in spend of 58%.

Finally, in 2017, CheapOair signed on to one of Criteo’s most powerful solutions for cross-device engagement: Identity Graph. Identity Graph is Criteo’s unique process for using anonymized user identification to capture individual purchase intent across devices, browsers, and apps. The company has already seen a 15% increase in efficiency for users who we have matched across devices.


Through aggressive innovation and adoption of new technologies, CheapOair is sustaining growth in an intensely competitive business. With the success that their Criteo partnership has delivered in the U.S. they plan to roll out Criteo App Retargeting in Canada and globally in the near future.

  • +64% increase in clicks in-app
  • +37% increase in sales in-app
  • +15% increase in efficiency for matched users

“CheapOair has partnered with Criteo for performance marketing since 2013, taking full advantage of Criteo capabilities to continually improve its marketing performance without increasing cost of sale. Its Criteo display campaigns alone have delivered YOY increases in clicks of 4%, increases of 196% in sales, and a decrease of -61% in CPO.”


Increase in clicks in-app


Increase in sales in-app


Increase in efficiency for matched users