Crocs Japan


Because online shoppers have a nearly infinite variety of options to choose from when shopping for footwear on the internet, Crocs Japan knew they had to find a smart, precise way to remind potential customers of their browsing history and entice them to come back to the site and complete the purchase.


Crocs Japan partnered with Criteo to create a marketing campaign that would recreate the in-store experience online. In addition to static banner ads, which function like billboards, they used Criteo Dynamic Retargeting to deliver individually personalized ads, offering persuasive reminders and recommendations from their 200+ products based on the shopper’s browsing history and buying habits. At the same time, Criteo’s technology significantly reduced the amount of time and resources Crocs Japan had to put into managing the campaign.


Crocs Japan saw their online sales double while also decreasing their cost of sale by 36%. Today they spend less than an hour per week on marketing campaign management.


More online sales


Decrease in cost of sales

1 hour

Per week managing the campaign