D&R is Turkey’s biggest book and music store, with a robust online and offline business. Their challenge was to rise above the competition and clutter of the busy Black Friday holiday and gain as many sales as possible with a positive ROI.


To boost sales efficiently, D&R used Criteo’s Adaptive Revenue Optimization (ARO) model to run a COS targeted retargeting campaign with banners featuring coupons. 15-20 days before Black Friday, COS targets were increased to reach the maximum number of customers possible. One day before Black Friday, teaser banners were uploaded hinting at a special surprise to build excitement and capture attention. On Black Friday itself the banners were updated to feature special offers.

Throughout the campaign, the Criteo and D&R team analyzed reach, audience, competition, and cost value day by day and optimized as needed to maximize performance. The flexibility and scalability of ARO, coupled with the account team’s close attention resulted in D&R recording the most sales ever on the website.

How it works:

  • Adaptive Revenue Optimization defined CPC bids according to the ROI goal to maximize performance and reach COS targets.
  • Highly personalized ads showed products that a shopper was most likely to be interested in, when they were most likely to buy.
  • Ads were focused on those who were most likely to convert by accurately predicting purchase intent, using an anonymous cross-device understanding of each shopper’s behavior across all devices, browsers and apps.
  • Ads seamlessly connected with every shopper across devices, apps, and the web through insights from our pooled data and the 1.4 billion shoppers we see each month.
  • Machine-learning technology worked continuously to improve the campaign’s performance.


  • +22% increase in ROI
  • Biggest sales day ever on the website

“This campaign and its results have shown us that with clear goals and close follow up, Criteo team and its algorithm perform very well.”

–Cihat Kültür, Online Channels Director
–Taner Doğuer, Digital Marketing Manager
–Tolgar Şaşmaz, Digital Marketing Specialist