How FashionValet takes local to global with consideration and conversion solutions

ROI from Criteo’s retargeting solution
Uplift in traffic from Criteo’s acquisition solution

The world of apparel is changing as quickly as the fashion styles that it brings to our closets. The last few years have seen the rise of fast fashion, direct-to-consumer, and most recently, eCommerce brands started by those who know their audiences best — influencers.

FashionValet is one of these brands, founded by a popular Malaysian blogger, Vivy Yusof. Since 2010, FashionValet’s platform has grown to include 400 brands, retail stores, and in-house brands. Today, FashionValet is setting their sights on reaching global customers, with a local spin. According to Nadia Norzuhdy, FashionValet’s general manager, the goal has always been to champion their local designers in Malaysia.

“Working with FashionValet has taught me about what it means to be local, and what can come out of this region that will have a global impact,” says Nadia. “People from the farthest part of the world can enjoy the local fashion here.”

Building a self-sustaining, global customer journey

Once new customers are in the door, Nadia’s goal is to sustain customer loyalty and encourage brand recall. This is especially critical as FashionValet expands into new markets.

“As a company, we really value the customer journey,” says Nadia. “It’s about the entire experience, and when they have a memorable experience, then they’re more likely to come back and shop with us.”

To further increase their understanding of their customers, FashionValet decided to supplement their strategy with sophisticated technology solutions.

How a local Malaysian brand goes global

Within the past few months, FashionValet has been expanding into Middle Eastern countries. This was a completely new region for FashionValet, and the start of their plan to share their Malaysian brands with the world. To help fuel their expansion, FashionValet partnered with Criteo to identify new audiences across the web and retarget them with relevant ads.

“We’ve never used any marketing platforms before,” says Nadia. “When we were in the market to find a retargeting tool, Criteo was the one that was very highly recommended by one of our web optimization partners.”

Criteo’s AI and machine learning personalizes ads for each specific customer, engaging them at the right time with the right products.

“This has definitely helped us in understanding our consumers and what pushes them towards a conversion,” says Nadia. “When we first engaged with Criteo, we knew that it was a powerful tool, but we didn’t realize how strong it was in terms of converting our customers.” While working with Criteo, there were months where FashionValet’s ROI increased 600%.

FashionValet also saw a 70% uplift in traffic from new visitors with Criteo’s consideration solution.

“We have a very personalized relationship with the Criteo team,” says Nadia. “They took time to learn about our business, our customers, and also some of the different objectives we had that are specific to our industry.”

“Some of the local designers are now able to have customers all over the world and to bring up their names in the international playing field,” says Nadia. “We do believe that local can go global. I’m very proud to be in the driver’s seat.”

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