Fiat Turkey was in search of a new channel that would provide a cost-effective test drive form. This search created a need for cooperation with a channel that could produce both dynamic creatives and cross retargeting solutions.


The collaboration of Fiat and Criteo began in order to re-interact with the users who have visited the website and encourage them to fill a test drive form. Lacking experience in dynamic retargeting solutions Fiat Turkey didn’t have a suitable feed for Criteo therefore a manual feed was created. Fiat worked with the advertiser’ agency Ingage to place relevant tags on the website. Separate campaigns were created for passenger and light commercial vehicles and these campaigns were optimized in-line with the relevant cost per lead objectives. The Criteo Dynamic Retargeting solution provided a test drive application by displaying personalized creatives regarding the models that users may be interested in. Fiat delivers test-drive applications on the website directly to the relevant dealers and enables dealers to call potential customers within 4 hours. Dealers transmit offline visit and sales conversion information to Fiat Turkey. In this way, Fiat measures the effectiveness and efficiency of digital channels.

How it works

  • Highly personalized ads showed products that a shopper was most likely to be interested in, when they were most likely to buy.
  • Advanced bidding technology focuses bids on those who are most likely to convert.
  • Ads seamlessly connected with every shopper across devices, apps, and the web through insights from our pooled data and the 1.2 billion shoppers Criteo sees each month.
  • Machine-learning technology worked continuously to improve the campaign’s performance, based on specific goals.


Fiat was able to generate new sustainable lead generation channel with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting solution. Fiat was extremely pleased with the cost effectiveness of its retargeting program. After just 3 months, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting delivered the following results:

  • 97% lower lead cost vs. average cost of all paid channels
  • 91% lower sales cost vs. average cost of all paid channels

“Despite the perception that remarketing generally works well for e-commerce or lower basket value products, Criteo showed us how dynamic retargeting can also work well in a vertical with high basket value like automotive industry.”

–Kerem Yosuntaş, Marketing Communications Specialist, TOFAŞ Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş.


lower lead cost vs. average cost of all paid channels


lower sales cost vs. average cost of all paid channels