For marketers, any digital spend needs to equal real results. This is especially true for brands with big goals.

French retailer Gémo’s mission is to offer accessible fashion to everyone. The brand’s clothing, shoes and accessories is meant for the whole family, across ages, body types, and tastes.

Gémo’s goal is to become the most customer-focused fashion brand. With 440+ stores in both France and abroad, Gémo’s omnichannel approach offers customers a smooth purchasing experience and a consistent quality of service. By analyzing ecommerce data and using the website as a laboratory, the team has a sophisticated understanding of customer needs. This helps Gémo to effectively engage customers with relevant offers even after they leave the site.

As Gémo expands to niche markets such as plus sizes, maternity, and lingerie, the focus is on a connected online and offline presence with measurable results. To that end, Gémo was looking for a data-driven way to measure the real impact of its digital campaigns.

A collaborative campaign, built on trust & visibility

In May 2018, Gémo launched conversion campaigns with Criteo. To evaluate the campaign’s performance and measure the profitability of Gémo’s digital investments, Gémo and Criteo ran an incrementality test.

First, Gémo defined two groups of potential consumers: those that would be exposed to Criteo’s ads, and those that would not. This would allow Gémo to see the difference between the purchases of the group exposed to Criteo ads vs. the control group and reliably measure the incremental revenues generated by the Criteo campaign.

The test, which ran for four weeks, revealed that Criteo’s solutions generated a positive incremental Return on Investment (ROI), with an incremental Cost of Sales.

“The incrementality tests allowed us to control, measure, and optimize the performance of our digital display channels,” said Claire Freulon, Traffic Manager at Gémo.

“The good performance we have seen confirms that we are on the right track: consumers value and click on the ads when they consider them relevant,” said Claire. “Of course, this reinforces our marketing strategy and convinced us to test other solutions proposed by Criteo, especially for omnichannel.”