Half Price Drapes


A San Francisco Bay Area based family owned business since 2005, Half Price Drapes designs and provides quality window coverings to more than 1 million windows across North America. Operating a low-touch model, Half Price Drapes wanted to grow their ecommerce specialty company while achieving a 20% COS. They needed a partner who could help them drive incremental revenue across all devices while keeping costs down.


Half Price Drapes implemented Criteo Dynamic Retargeting to maintain a strong brand connection with shoppers who had already expressed interest. Leveraging the Criteo Engine, Criteo worked directly with Half Price Drapes’ digital marketing team to ensure interested shoppers were continuously engaged as they moved through the sales funnel. Half Price Drapes used shopper insights to deliver highly personalized ads at the right moments across devices for maximum engagement and optimized costs.

How it works:

  • Increase Performance: Analyzes an individual’s purchase intent across the entire shopping journey.
  • Complete User Path: Captures the full user journey based on direct relationships with 16,000 publishers, increasing conversions.
  • Efficient Spend: Optimizes Facebook bids to maximize purchases and reduce cost.
  • New Product Discovery: Predictive algorithm drives up to 28% of sales from new products across the advertiser’s entire catalog.


With Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, Half Price Drapes achieved:

  • 9% increase in sales YoY
  • 21% increase in revenue YoY
  • 18% decrease in cost

“Continuing to drive new traffic to a website is the name of the game in the world of e-commerce. Criteo’s ads have greatly helped us out to find new customers and drive our sales.”

– Steve Basch, E-commerce Manager


Increase in sales YoY


Increase in revenue YoY


Decrease in cost