STREETFS is a premium street fashion brand. As the brand’s first online store, LAGIRL provides popular looks for women in their twenties. LAGIRL sets itself apart by upholding its motto of ‘faster than others, different from others’. The brand offers stylish mix-and-match items that allows customers to express their own unique style. At the same time, LAGIRL introduces new products to match customers’ evolving interests.

Scaling a new eCommerce business

From LAGIRL’s early stages as an online shopping mall, there was a great need to grow sales and its customer base. Purchasing patterns and methods of consumers are becoming ever more complicated. LAGIRL needed a retargeting solution that could recommend products personalized to the fast-changing preferences of each customer.

“As the domestic ecommerce market continues to gradually grow, the competition is getting fiercer,” says Sung Eun Park, the general director of marketing at LAGIRL . “In turn, LAGIRL has been thinking about ways to get even greater advertisement exposure to our target customers.”

For this reason, LAGIRL began looking for partners to help grow its online business.

Using AI-powered retargeting to reengage customers

Since launching in 2015, LAGIRL has worked with Criteo as a retargeting partner. This has led to the steady increase of both new and loyal customers.

“We achieved a significant increase in sales through Criteo’s elaborate personalized ads instead of using online advertisements using the popular method of increasing the inflow,” says Sung Eun Park.

LAGIRL was able to take advantage of Criteo’s unique AI-powered engine. The Criteo Engine uses machine learning to refine LAGIRL’s messaging to its target audience. This has led to many customers returning to LAGIRL. The dynamic ads reach customers in the right way, with the right product, at the right time.

“We were able to have a far better outcome than we could get through existing large-scale portal-based advertising campaigns by implementing Criteo’s retargeting solution over a long period of time and acquiring loyal customers,” says Sung Eun Park.

Criteo technology helped drive more purchases from these returning customers. Engaging loyal customers is an integral part of growing LAGIRL’s online sales. LAGIRL saw a 3x higher daily average revisit rate from users exposed to the Criteo ads. This has led to a 146% increase in annual sales.

“In the future, we are planning to launch a new product with Criteo’s customer acquisition solution,” Sung Eun Park says. “This enables our acquisition of new customers with high purchasing potentials.”

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Increase in annual sales through advertising with Criteo (for sales in 2017 vs. 2018)


Higher daily average revisit rate from users exposed to Criteo ads


Conversion rate for products recommended by the Criteo Engine


Average daily number of returning visitors after experiencing a Criteo advertisement


Monthly average number of returning customers making purchases through Criteo ads