New Look sees 4x more orders compared to other prospecting acquisition partners with Criteo Customer Acquisition

New Customer Rate
Lower CPO (Cost Per Order)


A leading UK global fashion retailer, New Look, was looking for a partner that could help them engage with a wider audience and generate more revenue. The objective was to bring relevant prospects to their website and help convert them into customers.

Since partnering with Criteo in 2012, New Look has successfully implemented both a lower-funnel strategy, targeting active customers, and a mid-funnel campaign re-engaging with lapsed users.

To find, target, and convert relevant prospects, New Look moved to a full-funnel approach with Criteo Customer Acquisition.


With direct relationships with over 18,000 publishers, Criteo identifies and targets new customers across more than 1.2B active monthly shoppers, helping New Look maximize orders from previously unknown shoppers. Having this full funnel approach helped New Look have a relevant and consistent user experience.

Criteo’s ability to reach highly relevant prospects and drive new sales conversions by granularly analysing aggregated historic shopping and browsing events, resulted in +4x orders at a 74% lower Cost Per Order.

Criteo’s application of its machine-learning and proven, personalized product recommendation technology on New Look’s acquisition campaigns, helped the retailer reach 62% of new customer rate.


In an effort to drive sales from new customers, New Look added Criteo’s performance based technology to its upper-funnel acquisition strategies.

New Look was able to target prospects that were more likely to convert thanks to Criteo’s deep understanding of their shopping behaviour and interests. The result was a strong 62% new customer rate.

Personalized product ads based on each prospect’s interests and product category preferences resulted in 4 times more orders with a 74% lower Cost Per Order (CPO) for New Look, compared to their other prospecting acquisition partners.

Source: Criteo Customer Acquisition campaign data analysis by Criteo between June 2017 – July 2017.

Criteo Customer Acquisition delivered outstanding performance resulting in 4x more orders than our other customer acquisition partners. Furthermore, users first exposed to Criteo’s acquisition campaign were re-engaged by our existing Criteo retargeting activity which drove an additional 83% in new shopper orders.

– Matt Roberts, Head of Digital Marketing and CRM | New Look

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