Polytrans is an online pet shop based in France that offers a wide variety of premium pet supplies. For several years they have entrusted their retargeting campaigns to Criteo, and sees it as a key advertising tactic for effective, efficient growth.

By focusing on the web visitors who have shown interest and purchase intent and using sophisticated AI to show them personalized ads at the right place and time, Polytrans brings shoppers back to convert in increasing numbers. The campaign is such a strong performer that Polytrans plans to increase the retargeting budget with the profits that their recent website redesign is expected to bring.

“We’ve been trusting Criteo for years. We particularly appreciate the exchanges with our account manager. He is proactive and always offers us solutions in advance to update our campaigns for the typical occasions: Black Friday, French Day, sales, Christmas… and always looking for more conversions.”

–Clémence Fayolle, E-commerce Manager

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increase in conversions


increase in the average basket value


decrease in acquisition cost