Launched in 2011, THE ICONIC is a leading online fashion retailer in Australia and New Zealand. Stocking over 700 local and international fashion brands, and more than 45,000 fashion and sports products, the company aims to create a better shopping experience for its customers.

With a huge range of fashion and sportswear available for shoppers, THE ICONIC was faced with the challenge of catering to each person’s personal tastes and doing so across devices. Not only this, but the company needed to ensure that shoppers would return to THE ICONIC over competition.

Targeting a very mobile savvy audience, all of whom have different personalities, interests, style and fashion preferences, the online platform required a solution that provides a personalized customer experience across multiple devices and enticed them to continue to return to The Iconic.


With an understanding that every customer is unique, the online platform partnered with Criteo to deliver a personalised customer experience across multiple devices. With a focus on creating an amazing customer experience, THE ICONIC can now ensure that every touchpoint is in line with the customers own style and brand preferences.

THE ICONIC first partnered with Criteo in 2012, and since then has grown to become Australia’s leading online fashion retailer. By using Criteo’s Display Retargeting and In-App Retargeting technology, THE ICONIC maintains a high level of customer loyalty by delivering a personalized shopping experience, across multiple devices throughout the shopper’s journey to purchase.


  • 20% Increase in average sales per repeated buyer
  • 8% Increase in average cart value per repeated buyer
  • 1.6x Existing buyers were more likely to repurchase when retargeted by Criteo

“THE ICONIC is Australia’s leading online fashion retailer. We stock over 700 Australian and international brands and offer a huge selection of over 45,000 fashion and sportswear products. We have a large and diverse customer base and we work hard to ensure each customer has a personalized experience when they visit our website, app or while viewing our marketing communication. Our marketing strategy is focused on acquiring new customers and bringing back loyal customers, while providing an amazing shopping experience.

Criteo helps us achieve both those objectives. They play a really important role in our marketing mix by helping us engage and bring back valuable customers, and to acquire new customers that have visited our site or app.

Customer loyalty is an important part of our success as a company. Since partnering with Criteo in 2012, they’ve played a crucial role in delivering great customer experience. Together, we’ve produced great results, driving revenue and customer orders, at scale. The Criteo team has been proactive and has worked with us to ensure we achieve our business objectives.”

– Prasad Shringarpure, Head of Online Marketing


Increase in Average Sales per Repeated Buyer


Increase in Average Cart Value per Repeated Buyers


Existing buyers were more likely to repurchase when retargeted by Criteo