As one of Vietnam’s first ecommerce startups, originally specializing in books, Tiki wanted to diversify their offerings and needed to invest in a retargeting strategy that would free up their employees’ time while also encouraging the millions of shoppers who already browse their site every day to purchase.


By partnering with Criteo, Tiki was able to harness the power of Criteo’s algorithms to more accurately engage with their window-shoppers. By offering recommendations based on their known preferences, they were able to make a more personal connection with users and ultimately convert them to paying customers.


After partnering with Criteo, Tiki:

  • Saw an in-app conversion rate boost of 184%
  • Increased their customers’ average order value by 67%
  • Grew their monthly revenue by 64%

…all while giving its employees more time to concentrate on diversification efforts.


Increased conversion rate


Increased AOV


Increase in monthly revenue