Warburtons, Britain’s largest family owned bakery brand, needed sales support of their gluten free range. They wanted to reach consumers following a gluten, wheat, and milk free diet.


Criteo Sponsored Products helped Warburtons achieve their marketing objectives with placements appearing on strategic retail partner sites such as Asda, Morrison’s and Sainsburys. Thanks to an unrivalled understanding of Warburtons customers’ journey and shopping patterns, Criteo Sponsored Products delivered great results, including a growth of incremental sales.

A broad to narrow strategy was employed with Sponsored Product Ads in a variety of placements to drive awareness and encourage “add to cart” at the point of purchase.

As the campaign gathered more data it became clear that certain audience segments were performing better than others, and optimisations were made throughout the campaign to index higher for these target audiences.

Similarly, keyword and placement reports provided valuable insights, informing further optimisations to increase ROI.

How it works:

  • Relevant Advertising: Product ads are served to relevant shoppers on e-commerce sites, driving sales for brands.
  • SKU-level Attribution: Leveraging first-party point-of-sale data, brands can connect advertising to actual SKU-level sales outcomes across retailers, devices and channels.
  • Unprecedented Scale: Criteo Sponsored Products serves more than 70 retail sites, with more added every month.
  • Actionable Insights: Criteo provides key insights into marketing performance across retailers to help brands confidently re-invest in winning media strategies.


  • 443% ROI (+72% ahead of the target)
  • +8% impressions
  • +10% CTR
  • +14% Clicks
  • -13% average CPC

“We worked with Criteo as part of our Warburtons Gluten Free campaign in summer 2018, the results speak for themselves and demonstrate that the activity drove incremental sales and contributed to market share growth in certain categories. We’re really pleased with the activity and will be looking to use Criteo again in future.”

“Collaborating with Criteo has been instrumental in helping us achieve two of our main objectives: rebranding and performance, proving a huge value to the Warburtons Gluten Free range. Thanks to the platform’s technology, we were able to continuously improve our performance by targeting the right audience at the right time, putting us in a great position to achieve the great results we did.”
–Wioletta Miller, PPC Manager, Mindshare UK


ROI (+72% ahead of the target)








Average CPC