Wolf & Badger

For independent fashion brands, standing out against the big players can be challenging. Department stores or multi-brand retailers often focus more on big labels, leaving small brands without a platform to reach customers.

Wolf & Badger launched to provide a curated marketplace for independent brands, supporting emerging and ethically-conscious designers across fashion, beauty, and homeware.

“We’ve made it our mission to provide a platform for designers, from all over the world, to thrive by reaching new audiences,” says David Walby, Head of Growth, “We pride ourselves on selling unique, inspiring products on behalf of them.”

Going beyond digital offerings, their stores in King’s Cross London and Soho New York have fostered a community through regular events. Their creative studio, Wolf & Badger Studios, partners with a growing roster of designers on campaign and product photography.

Finding new ways to reach new shoppers

Wolf & Badger’s product range is always evolving to connect new designers with their community. With 700+ brands, the marketplace caters to a wide spectrum of shoppers, across all ages and categories.

The marketplace has been a phenomenal success, with Wolf & Badger seeing a 100%+ annual growth rate in sales. To further expand on this, Wolf & Badger looked for a solution to reach and engage new shoppers.

“We put our customers at the centre of all the decisions we make and try to add genuine value in their experiences with us, both online and offline,” says David. “Loyalty comes from positive experiences, and that’s what the whole team is striving to create on a day-to-day basis.”

Smarter bids for better campaigns

Wolf & Badger began partnering with Criteo in October 2015. Originally using Criteo’s dynamic ads solely for lower-funnel conversions, Wolf & Badger began working with Criteo to engage customers earlier in the buying journey.

“More recently, we’ve have seen amazing growth and performance from reaching new audiences, with Criteo’s formats aiding product discovery,” says David.

“One of the major pluses about the platform is the ease of setup and updating creatives,” says David. “As we seek to drive growth in new markets over the next couple of years, Criteo’s solutions will be an integral part of reaching new audiences.”

Wolf & Badger also uses the Criteo ad platform to select a specific performance target, called an Adaptive Optimization model. Based on this, the Criteo Engine then optimizes in real-time to hit that target. This maximizes performance with more precision than manual management.

Wolf & Badger recently had their strongest ever month with Criteo: growing their YoY revenue by 65% and reducing their COS by 12.8%.

“We’re seeing more consistent cost of sale performance without manual intervention on the bidding front,” says David, “This means we can spend more of our time tapping into other opportunities and solving other business challenges.”

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*For 30-day period of using AO vs. prior period
**For June 2019 vs June 2018






Decrease in COS**