Marketplaces Face Growing Competition as 4 in 5 Shoppers Report ‘Improved Ease’ of Shopping Elsewhere

The Criteo Holiday Wrap-up Report 2017: Retailers Embraced Omnishopping and Saw Huge Sales

-   We’ve emerged from a holiday season in which Black Friday and Cyber Monday broke all sales records. But the major story is that the retail sector has truly transformed and adapted to how shoppers buy today. Purchases were made across all devices, at any

Report: 12 Trends Expected This Holiday Shopping Season

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- Prior to the pandemic, walled gardens like Google, Amazon, and Facebook were leading players when it came to delivering seamless online experiences. But since 2019, many retailers and brands have made huge improvements to their web properties—and shoppers have noticed. Our recent global Shopper Story

Work From Home (WFH) Consumer Trends – Shopping for Home and Beyond

- More than two years into the COVID pandemic, it’s safe to say that the work from home (WFH) phenomenon is here to stay. The emergence of this home-based workforce doesn’t just affect workplaces, but also consumption patterns. To understand how this new group of consumers

BOPIS, Showrooming, and the Hybrid-Channel Future of Shopping 

- It should come as news to no one that consumer adoption of ecommerce rose during the pandemic. And while real-life shopping is far from obsolete, the role that stores play in the customer journey has evolved to address new needs and preferences. Our Shopper Story

The 2021 Holiday Shopping Season is the Most Crucial Yet 

- The holiday season, or festive season as our European friends call it, is a pivotal time for retailers and brands. It’s when consumers are browsing and buying more — and looking to be inspired by the perfect gift idea. But this year, the stakes are

2021 Holiday Shopping Predictions: 5 Trends to Watch

- A new season of gift giving is here, and with it, a new seasonal shopper. In 2020, people around the world found new ways to find and buy gifts for loved ones and embraced digital commerce as a way to keep the spirit of the

Singles’ Day 2020 Recap: 6 Global Shopping Trends

-   Even in an uncertain year, Singles’ Day was one of the largest shopping events of 2020 to date and caused huge sales spikes around the world. Alibaba, the main purveyor of the event, reported that it broke records again this year, bringing in about $75 billion. This includes

3 Ways for Marketers to Make the Most of Peak Shopping Season Right Now

-   2020 has been unpredictable for businesses, but as we near the end of the year, shoppers are ready to spend. We surveyed thousands of consumers and learned several key takeaways: Many are expecting, planning, and looking forward to buying gifts for the holiday and