Shopping and celebrating for the holidays may look a little different today and that’s okay. Help shoppers find what they need from home this holiday season with hyper-relevant retail media ads. 

Here are three ways retail media can help you stay top of mind this holiday season:

Start influencing shoppers now. 

Many large retailers will be closed on Thanksgiving. That, plus concerns over inventory shortages and long shipping times have shoppers searching for holiday gifts earlier than ever before. And our own data from a recent consumer survey shows that buyers who shop for the first time from a retailer on Black Friday make their first online visit 41 days prior.  

All this means that the time to build awareness and influence shoppers’ decision making is now. With retail media you can reach shoppers with native and display product ads on leading retailer sites, right at the point of purchase. And with reporting down to the SKU level, you can see exactly how your ads are impacting sales.   

Be seen on the retailer sites you sell on. 

Shoppers have a lot of choices to sift through, especially during the holidays. If your brand is hidden on page two or three of a retailer’s search results, they’ll probably never see you. In fact, data shows that the first page of search results accounts for about 90% of revenue. 

Retail media ads can put your brand front and center on the digital shelf, when shoppers are most interested in what you have to offer. Help shoppers find just what they need (your product), right at the point of purchase.  

Have the control to make changes on the fly. 

Consumer trends will be shifting rapidly as the holiday season heats up. Retail media is a powerful medium that makes it easy for both retailers and brands to quickly change strategies due to rapidly changing conditions and consumer behavior.  

Ready for retail media? Learn more about Retail Media by Criteo. 


Ann Pyle

Ann revels in finding the simplest and clearest way to convey a thought. Her favorite word is 'moxie', which she tries to embody whenever possible. When not writing, she's raising three daughters with her husband or escaping to the woods to hike, camp, or bike.

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