5 Ways to Re-engage with Criteo Audience Match

With Audience Match, you can create personalized marketing campaigns that connect to your customers across the web. By connecting your CRM to Criteo’s ...
Updated on April 30, 2024

Engaging your existing customer base online is getting expensive. With so much digital noise, the cost of getting something in front of customers often exceeds the ROI. Even audiences that may be familiar with your brand are still hard to reach.

We built Criteo Audience Match to overcome those challenges. With Audience Match, you can create personalized marketing campaigns that connect to your customers across the web. By connecting your CRM to Criteo’s unparalleled data set, you’re able to supercharge your efforts.

Here’s how:

1. Seasonal promotions

For holidays and special seasonal sales periods, it can be particularly tough to reach the customers who’ve purchased from you before. Competition is everywhere and bidding prices are extremely high.

For Christmas or Valentine’s Day, for instance, it would be particularly helpful to identify where past shoppers are browsing and target them with offers that bring them back to your site.

That customer who bought a necklace for Christmas last year? Maybe a personalized ad showing matching earrings is what’ll get him to return to your site and convert.

2. Style refreshes and product upgrades

What about those customers who bought a specific product of yours that got refreshed or upgraded? For fashion retailers, a shopper who bought a pair of best-selling boots in black might be interested to know that the same style has been released in spring colors.

In this scenario, targeting the audience that purchased a specific product or type of product is a great strategy to re-engage them. The audience would benefit from knowing about these refreshes and upgrades and you would not need to bombard your entire CRM.

3. Upsell with accessories and related products

Then there’s the budding photographer who bought herself a fancy DSLR camera three months ago but has since not returned to your site. To re-engage her, it makes sense to show her accessories like new lenses or perhaps a stylish camera bag to go with her previous purchase.

4. Bringing offline shoppers online

Oftentimes, a shopper’s first touchpoint is with your brick-and-mortar store. Let’s say a shopper wanders into your clothing store for the first time and not only makes a purchase, but also signs up for your loyalty program. But that was half a year ago. How do you get him back?

Bring him to your web store by showing him personalized enticing promotions. This way, you refresh your brand in his mind without him ever having to leave the house.

5. Promote and reward shopper loyalty

Or what about those shoppers that used to be loyal but have stopped visiting your site? If a shopper – let’s call him Sam – started out by being a frequent buyer but for whatever reason lessened his interactions with your webstore, you can bring him back from your competitors by showing him products and offers he’s already looking at elsewhere on the web.

If he’s been browsing for shoes, you can show him similar products alongside a promotion that not only brings him back to your site, but also rewards him for future loyalty.

Criteo Audience Match: A Flexible Commerce Marketing Solution

Just as there are more than five scenarios in which you would need to reengage lapsed customers, there’s more than one way to use Criteo Audience Match.

A flexible commerce marketing solution that helps you re-engage with your shoppers across any of the use cases detailed above, Criteo Audience Match can be implemented alongside your existing retargeting and email strategies.

With Criteo Audience Match, you can identify your shoppers in our shopper network using Criteo Shopper Graph, the world’s largest open shopper data set. Informed by 600TB of shopper data at an average 60% match rate across all channels, our Shopper Graph helps you gain a better understanding of your shoppers’ journeys and interests and, with Criteo Audience Match, use this data to bring qualified traffic back to your site.

Learn more about Criteo Audience Match.

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