4 Creative Strategies for Digital Advertising in the New Normal

Learn four ways to engage consumers and add excitement to their online experience with better ad creative, immersive advertising, and video.
Updated on September 26, 2023

As social distancing becomes the standard around the world, consumers have new routines that are often less spontaneous, more stressful, and fuel a desire to escape from reality.

As advertisers, a big factor in our success is being able to anticipate changes in consumer behavior and set up long-term strategies to keep driving business growth. Going forward, we have to do this while helping consumers adapt to their new lifestyles and stay safe.

At Criteo, we know that consumers are spending more time online and they’re discovering new online stores and new ways to shop. Advertisers need to engage consumers and add excitement to their online shopping experience by enhancing their ad creative.

Visual storytelling and video are becoming consumers’ favorite ways to discover new brands and learn about new products. Advertisers have the opportunity to boost ad engagement by telling a story that consumers can relate to, refreshing their visuals, and adding immersive features.

Here, we’re sharing four strategies for better ad creative in this transitional time.

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1. Focus on online shopping and deals

Online shopping will continue to dominate in 2020 as shoppers try to limit their exposure to large crowds. And with an uncertain economic climate, the new consumer is more price sensitive and eager to get a deal.

Be clear about what you are offering and use your branding assets to connect with consumers and stand out.

Showcase Ad Creative for Clothing Brand

2. Feed your audience’s need to escape

Consumers are looking for excitement and are eager to explore. Boost brand awareness and drive engagement with interactive and immersive banners that will “wow” your audience.

At Criteo, we can add different layers of interactivity to line up with your story, your target audience, and your marketing objective. Check our Ad Gallery for more inspiration.

Scroll Ad Creative for Clothing Company

3. Inspire short trips that are close to home

Weekend getaways, outdoor activities, local parks, beaches—travelers are looking for nearby getaways to cure their wanderlust.

Help consumers plan their next trip by giving them some inspiration, promoting local destinations, and providing a tool for them to tell you where they want to go.

With our search banners, you can gather insights and intent, which helps you craft your strategy and offers.

Search Ad Creative for Travel Company

4. Bring new customers into your app experience

As more shoppers migrate online, don’t miss the chance to promote your app and gain their loyalty.

With our app install suite, you can engage your customers with multiple creatives that display the benefits of your app.

Food Delivery App Install Ad Creative

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