Retailers are always looking for ways to provide better value to their brand partners. Asda, the UK’s second-largest grocery retailer, leveraged Criteo Retail Media to do just that.

As a one-stop-shop for food, clothes, financial services, and more, Asda has a lot of shoppers visiting their website for many different types of items. And that’s why it’s so important for them to leverage native ad inventory on their website. They want to help their brands talk to customers with the right product at right time.

While offering sponsored product ads on their site helps retailers monetize their web traffic, it also provides a valuable proposition for brands to reach shoppers who are at the bottom of the purchase funnel and already in the buying mindset. This helps brands achieve incremental sales and allows their customers to get the products they need at the best price (win-win!).

Watch the short video below featuring Asda’s Head of Media Partnerships, Alex Crowe, to learn more about how Asda is finding success with Retail Media.

Retail Media enables retailers and brands to create more strategic partnerships that benefit their end customers, as well as achieve their KPIs. Want more information about how Criteo Retail Media benefits retailers, brands, and consumers? Click here to learn more.

Kelsey Wahl

A Buffalo native, now living in Brooklyn, Kelsey is a content marketer who also enjoys teaching yoga, going to the movies, and searching for NYC’s best chicken wings. She loves animals and has to resist the urge to adopt every cat and dog she sees.

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