Top Selling Breakout Gifts for Holiday 2017

Updated on March 20, 2024

Each year there are breakout toys that define the season. In the ‘80s it was the Cabbage Patch kid. The ‘90s saw the Furby, which is now reincarnated and still giggling in the Furby Connect. Last year, Hatchimals were scarce, foiling parents tasked with finding a product that was almost entirely sold out.

The shift to ecommerce – and the prevalence of social media – magnifies trends so that the length of time from introduction to sell out is faster than ever. Why stand in a line in a mall when you can click your way to Santa satisfaction from the convenience of your phone?

Have your Fingerlings hatched and will you be rocking an adult onesie?

Search terms used on the Criteo’s Sponsored Products network, which encompasses the majority of the top retailers in the US that sell toys and gaming, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Best Buy, and Toys ‘R Us, gave early indications of the breakout gifts of Holiday 2017:

  • Fingerlings: The breakout toy of the season since August, when the toys were introduced. These interactive monkeys respond to 40 different touches. They coo, burb, batt their eyes, and make Woopee cushion noises. The MSRP is $14.95, and it has either sold out or is being sold for a much higher price.
  • Hatchimals Surprise: The most sought after toy of last holiday is back in mini versions that come in 4 packs as well as a Surprise edition where one egg hatches multiples. It’s an interactive egg that you must “nurture” (rub it as it is heat sensitive) until the creature emerges.
  • LOL Surprise: Debuted on the list in October at #3 – a meteoric rise. It’s a complex toy contained in a ball-shaped case that has risen to prominence through You Tube videos that reveal all the goodies inside: 50 surprises including 4 glittery dolls that all have to be unwrapped in an hours-long process.
  • Nintendo Switch: It enables you to take high-end gaming with you wherever you go. It was released last March, and is now the most sought after gaming device.

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You’re never too old to sleep like a baby.

“Cozy as a baby” is the theme of Holiday 2017 in Apparel & Accessories as footed adult onesies take over from ugly Christmas sweater, last year’s breakout gift. The trend started in Asia with animal onesies for little kids and has grown up to encompass versions that every millennial will Netflix-and-chill in. The one piece sleepwear trend also played out with increased interest in the union suit, first associated with the Union Army in the Civil War. Those who really want to embarrass the whole family are looking for family pajamasNordic or Santa themed sleepwear to brighten up the family selfie.

Happy Black Friday and Cyber Week!

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