Criteo’s Direct Bidder for App: A New Way to Monetize App Inventory for Publishers

This new product helps publishers maximize app revenue without any unclear transaction fees on app inventory or clunky back-end tech.
Updated on March 20, 2024

Since the beginning of the app monetization industry, waterfall has been the go-to model for developers willing to generate ad revenue using multiple demand sources.

As Criteo has scaled its in-app demand, it has become apparent that complexity and opacity has been plaguing the mobile supply chain.

We wanted to create a better way for publishers to monetize inventory and for advertisers to get the most value for every ad. That’s why we’re so excited to announce Criteo’s Commerce Grid.

This new product is a lightweight, flexible integration that helps publishers maximize app revenue — minus unclear transaction fees and any clunky back-end tech that could impact the user experience.

Introducing Criteo Commerce Grid

Meet the SSP revolutionizing commerce monetization strategies.

Efficient and Transparent Auction

Publishers work hard to build a great app that users will love. They spend tons of time creating content that keeps people coming back. Ads help all of that keep running, but, when you use the standard waterfall method, you can never be certain how much revenue is going to third parties.

By integrating with Direct Bidder for App, you create an auction where the highest bidder wins. No more waterfall: You’re now guaranteed to be paid the best price for each of your users.

Our transparent bidding mechanism allows you to compare our bid in real-time with other demand partners, too, ensuring no money is left on the table.

Diversified Premium Demand

App users are different. They prefer different kinds of ads for different products. But, given the fragmented user journey across mobile, it’s not always easy to personalize the ad experience.

With a direct connection through our App Bidding SDK, you have the opportunity to maximize access to our unique demand from top brands and retailers across the globe.

A direct partnership allows you to efficiently monetize global audiences and ensure you always get the full value of your users while delivering them truly relevant ads.

Flexible Integration Methods

Because we know how complex it can be to integrate with new demand sources, we have adapted Direct Bidder for App specifically for your needs!

Whether you’re using a popular third-party ad-server or an in-house solution, Direct Bidder for App is an agnostic solution that can seamlessly onboard our demand onto your technical stack.

Oh, and who likes slow and cumbersome stuff? Nobody!

Our App Bidding SDK is latency-free and extremely lightweight (seriously, some images are heavier…). That means no impact to the user experience.

Maximize Your Revenue Per User

While growing your overall revenue is essential, you must maximize your Average Revenue Per Daily Active User.

By tapping into global demand from the world’s top brands and retailers, you’re diversifying your advertising sources and making sure that your ads stay relevant to the various interests of your audience.

Thanks to our powerful User Graph, we can provide a real-time bid for each of your impressions, creating opportunities to maximize the value of your users.

To learn more, contact Criteo today!

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