3 Travel Companies that Soared with Dynamic Retargeting

Travel companies Bravofly, Atrápalo and Interpark Tour increased their ROI, conversion rate, and revenue using Criteo's Dynamic Retargeting.
Updated on March 7, 2023

According to Travel Weekly’s 2017 Travel Industry Survey, travel agents are relying on mobile marketing more than ever to attract clients, with 17% of survey respondents saying it’s an important channel for both reaching new clients and keeping current ones. But Criteo’s online travel agent clients around the world already knew this.

Italy’s Bravofly, Spain’s Atrápalo, and South Korea’s Interpark Tour all experienced increases in ROI, conversion rate, and revenue once they implemented Criteo’s Dynamic Retargeting into their advertising campaigns, not to mention engaged more new customers as well. Read and watch their success stories below!


“As a leading online travel agency, we must be on the cutting edge of technology and online marketing and that’s why we turned to Criteo,” says Franceso Sala, Marketing Director of Italy’s Bravofly Rumbo Group.

Since beginning their relationship with Criteo eight years ago, Bravofly has used Criteo Dynamic Travel Segmentation to increase traffic, brand exposure, and sales. Not only that, but Criteo has also helped to keep Bravofly’s loyal users active and turn new users into customers, resulting in an increased conversion rate of 25%.


In nearby Spain, online travel agency Altrápalo saw stellar results expanding to Latin America with their Criteo-driven online marketing strategy. Implementing Criteo’s mobile and in-app solutions including App Advertising, Atrápalo found Criteo to be their second largest source of paid traffic and generated 60% of their total revenue in 2016 from Latin America.

Interpark Tour

Halfway around the world, Interpark Tour, Korea’s leading travel agency partnered with Criteo to increase budget and market efficiencies, resulting in 168% more impressions and 400% more clicks. Criteo provided Interpark Tours with flexible campaign management and a stronger focus on their strategic events.

Now with Criteo’s help, Interpark Tour is focusing on cross-device users and looking towards future growth.

After all, says Wang Hee-Soon, General Manager of Planning at Interpark Tour, “Criteo’s big data technology isn’t just an advertising solution on PC and mobile devices. Criteo transforms digital marketing into a personalized shopping experience. That’s why we work with Criteo.”

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