Consumers’ expectations for online shopping have drastically shifted in the last five years. In the latest edition of our “Retail Media Moment’ video series, Kacie McKee, Head of Ecommerce for Wavemaker U.S., cites that the “buy now, anywhere” mentality of shoppers is a key driver behind the accelerated growth of retail media. Marketers need to ensure shoppers can buy what they need from any channel — including the digital ads they see on retail sites.

And as the advertising world moves towards a future without third-party cookies, retailers are adapting their operations to leverage the vast first-party data at their disposal. Retail media allows retailers and brands to collaborate and share owned data resources in order to continue providing relevant and personalized ad experiences to shoppers in a cookie-less world.

Watch the video below for Kacie’s insights on the driving factors of retail media, the role of media in consumer conversations, and the impact retail media has on the allocation of advertising budgets. And if you need another reason to watch — her mom’s adorable dog also makes a guest appearance!

What is Kacie’s advice to other retail media players? She urges them to think about how to consolidate data and reporting across the entire retail media landscape to better understand how to best optimize campaign performance across channels and retailers.

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Kelsey Wahl

A Buffalo native, now living in Brooklyn, Kelsey is a content marketer who also enjoys teaching yoga, going to the movies, and searching for NYC’s best chicken wings. She loves animals and has to resist the urge to adopt every cat and dog she sees.

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