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Criteo’s Mollie Spilman on Why It’s Important to Focus on Shoppers


In an interview with Beet.TV our Chief Revenue Officer, Mollie Spilman, noted that Criteo wants to “empower commerce companies to be able to be successful and not just survive, but thrive.”

She continued by saying that leveraging “smart marketing — and by focusing on the shopper, what’s the best experience, what’s the best service you can deliver — there can be a vibrant future for others alongside the Amazons and Alibabas.”

Spilman explained Criteo’s vision for “building what we hope to be the world’s highest performing and open — open being a really key term — commerce marketing ecosystem” where brands, retailers, and publishers collaborate to drive performance. “The scope is really expanding to not just reengage or retarget shoppers but to acquire them in the first place”, “to convert new shoppers into buyers”, and turn one-time buyers into lifetime shoppers. “We’re trying to go up the funnel and be able to go to our clients and bring them new customers. Try to get current customers to buy more.” Check out the full interview in the video below.

“Welcome to the Vibrant Future” is a video series of thought leadership presented by Criteo. For more videos, visit this page.


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