HouseTrip Drives Incremental Bookings with Criteo’s Email Solution

  • Delivering contextualized and targeted emails increases open rates by three times
  • leading to higher than average click-through rates and more bookings

London – 24th February , 2016 – Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), the performance marketing technology company, is working with leading holiday rental marketplace, HouseTrip, to drive incremental bookings by engaging with potential holidaymakers through tailored emails. In 2015, HouseTrip delivered over two million personalized emails with Criteo’s email solution, experiencing an open rate three times higher than that of traditional travel emails. As result, click-through rates are higher than average, bookings have increased and the cost of sale targets were achieved within one week of launch.

Criteo’s email solution sends targeted and relevant emails to consumers who have visited HouseTrip’s website but not yet purchased. The information in the email is based on the user’s browser history, ensuring that the content is relevant and in a format that is best suited to each individual. The highly-personalized nature of the email increases open rates, improves click-through rates and drive sales.

“Keeping in contact with consumers who have visited our site but have not converted has always been a challenge for us. By implementing Criteo’s email solution we are now able to trigger real-time emails that are more individualized and contextual which has proven to be extremely successful in bringing users back to our website. Working with Criteo is effortless because it does all the heavy lifting; all we had to provide for the email campaigns was our content and Criteo took care of the rest. The results have been impressive, cost of sale targets were achieved within one week of launch with improved open and click-through rates,” said Rumyana Miteva, Head of Performance Marketing, HouseTrip.

“Email is still the preferred tool for the majority of marketers.  It can now be highly personalized and deliver relevant and timely content that consumers can easily open on any device, at any time. Organizations, like HouseTrip, are using email to create engaging and personalized campaigns which improve user experience and increase sales, ” said Jon Buss, Managing Director, Northern Europe, Criteo.

Since Criteo expanded its performance display offering to include email, it has worked with brands to improve click-through and conversion rates from email marketing campaigns. Criteo’s report in the State of Email Marketing found that personalized marketing emails produce 4x higher open rates and 5x the click-through of non-personalized messages. The report also reveals that conversion rates from personalized email marketing are 5x higher than social media and 1.5x better than display advertising.