Criteo Releases CPG Trend Report: Clicks, Bricks & Broccoli

NEW YORK – March 20, 2017 – Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the performance marketing technology company, today released, “Clicks, Bricks & Broccoli: The CPG & Grocery Trend Report,” a whitepaper that sheds light on trends in eGrocery, including rates of adoption, what shoppers search for and what they buy. The report provides insight for CPG brands and retailers on effective strategies to ride the eGrocery wave, which is only in its infancy. Not only does the report highlight key shopping trends, it also educates CPG marketers on how to measure success as more sales shift online and away from traditional sweet spots for CPG, such as television.

“CPG is poised for breakout success in digital, and we predict 2017 will be the year of eGrocery,” said John Roswech, Executive Vice President, Brand Solutions, Criteo. “There are no more valuable e-commerce carts than those devoted to grocery. CPG brands need to adapt their marketing practices, honed through decades of experience, to successfully engage with their customers, and become a mainstay in their shopping carts.”

The release of Criteo’s whitepaper coincides with Shoptalk 2017, a key retail and e-commerce event covering new technologies and business models driving rapid evolution in how shoppers discover, browse and buy.

Key trends from Criteo’s data analysis of eGrocery shopper behavior include:

  • 40% of eGrocery purchases are made on mobile phones.
  • 43% of eGrocery shoppers searched online for a coupon (the highest percentage of any promotional activity).
  • $132.23 was the average eGrocery cart value for Q3 2016.
  • Nearly half (46%) of baby care purchases are made on impulse.

Key takeaways for CPG brands include:

  • Leverage sponsored product listings to drive awareness and sales: Sponsored products are relevant to the purchaser and what they are shopping for and can help shoppers find products in large-cart-size, multiple-SKU categories like CPG.
  • Cross sell for impulse purchasing: There’s a reason a display of bananas may be in the cereal aisle and Oreos near the dairy section. This same experience can – and should – be emulated in digital.
  • Use paid search to help increase organic rankings: The “winner takes all” world of eGrocery – where carts are persistent and brands are powerful – favors established products that achieved early success in e-commerce. Paid search, however, can level the early advantage.
  • E-commerce marketing requires an always-on strategy: E-commerce has fundamentally changed retailing seasonality. Marketers’ brand budgets must be able to cover not just traditional retail seasons like holidays and spring but the entire year.
  • Prepare now for a voice-activated future: Retailers and brands own powerful relationships with shoppers that, if cultivated, can transition to a voice-activated future. Marketers must be sure their brand or retailer name is on the tip of the tongue as more and more shoppers begin to use these devices for product ordering.

To learn more about how brands and retailers can capitalize on CPG trends and eGrocery opportunities, please visit to read the full report.

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