Web Traffic Generation

Bring new audiences to your website.

Unique shopping intent data and AI technology help you reach new prospects actively considering products and services like yours. With precise targeting and personalized ads, you can drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Why marketers love Criteo

Massive opportunity pool

Get your brand in front of new, high quality audiences with a data set that includes a pool of over 2.5B people and a network and exclusive inventory.

Perfectly timed ads

Drive qualified traffic by delivering your message at the precise moment that someone is ready and willing to engage with you. Our AI technology evaluates 100+ cross-device signals as shoppers browse to pinpoint high intent opportunities.

Deep in-market insights

Better understand what people want with unique shopping intent data that only Criteo can provide. We track more than $900B worth of online transactions every year to build highly accurate in-market audiences.

Diverse, scalable creatives

Grab your audience’s attention with a variety of image and video creatives built to drive engagement and interactivity. Help new prospects understand your brand while discovering your products and services.

Self-service platform

Activate your branding campaigns directly through Criteo’s self-service platform. Easily manage and monitor performance and gain insights into the impact of your campaigns across the entire customer journey.

Transparency and safety

Rest assured that our global partnership with IAS and our proprietary IVT detection technologies make sure your ads appear on appropriate, brand-safe environments while protecting traffic integrity.

Reach your traffic objectives

Influence new audiences ready and willing to consider you.

See greater brand engagement

Spike interest from new audiences with irresistible ads. Tell your story and influence people’s decision-making with unique, compelling experiences that blend your brand personality with personalized product recommendations. Capture attention with interactive formats such as 360 movement, sliders, and 3D views.


Drive more quality traffic

Machine-learning technology zeroes in on people who are most likely to click and engage on your website.

DCO+ automatically chooses the ideal ad creative elements for each consumer to maximize engagement.

A unique optimization model focuses on 2 events after an ad click to ensure high quality while maximizing cost per visit.

How it works

You’re a home goods retailer that wants to drive new people to your website.
We can see that User ID 56S8BY3 has been looking at sofa category and product detail pages, and clicked on an ad featuring sofas.
Using this data and our AI technology, you deliver them a personalized ad while they’re actively browsing the open internet.
They’ve never heard of your brand, but like what they see and click through to view your sofa options.

The world’s largest intent data set

Go beyond demographic and interest targeting. Use shopping intent data to find new audiences actively considering a product like yours.

Annual online transactions tracked, for deep in-market insights.
Daily events captured, to identify high intent moments.
Cross-device customer journeys that we can help you reach.

Influence consideration with the Criteo Platform

All the tools you need, in an easy-to-use self-service platform.

Flexible audiences

Target from a list of 300+ in-market audiences of product interests with the Commerce Audiences option, or choose Similar Audiences to rely on our lookalike AI to find the best new people for your site. Re-engage lapsed users and bring them back to your site using your own data with the Custom Audiences feature.

Engaging brand creatives

Test a range of ad formats that blend brand personality and product interactivity to help spike interest and get users to visit your site. Personalize the products displayed for every user with Product Recommendations. Optimize ad creative and format for each user with Dynamic Creative Optimization technology.

Measurable success

See the number of high-quality users your campaign is generating, and track costs based on the number of engaged visits to your site with transparent metrics. Get a single view of online and offline journeys from awareness through conversion.