In this IDC whitepaper, learn why familiarity with machine learning applications is high amongst marketing executives, but usage is low. While many marketers are aware of the value of the technology, they share a number of perceived risks.

In a world where shoppers expect customized experiences, advertising personalization is complex and intricate, requiring real-time responsiveness to customer buying behaviors “in the moment” of consideration. How can you activate the speed and dexterity needed for real-time personalization? That’s where machine-learning technology comes in.
Modern marketers are moving away from creative content produced by humans toward content produced by machines. Many plan to use machines to automate the personalized delivery of creative content, via online advertisements, for individual consumers. In fact, 64% of marketers believe optimized message targeting and real-time personalized advertising insertions are key areas where machines will deliver business benefits by 2020.

Improving relevance of communications, delivering consistently high-quality brand experiences — these are just a few of the benefits machine learning technology can provide. Learn more about the potential of machine learning, its limitations, and a few recommendations for how marketers can leverage the capabilities to optimize performance.